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Gemelli Spa & Beauty Bar

Upscale and sophisticated, Gemelli Spa & Beauty Bar will offer an atmosphere like no other in El Paso area. Within this clean, modern and inviting space, our menu of services will combine seamlessly to create a relaxing escape from everyday life.

Our Services

Our top-notch services will entice a wide range of guest, from locals to high school and college students, to visitors from out of town. As the clients’ tastes and needs change over time, so will our services and offerings. 

Hair Care

Our goal in Gemelli  is  that the clients when visit our salon, experience the most actual, modern  hair cutting, coloring, and designing techniques under our skilled stylists.


Manicure and pedicure services are basic to more time- intensive services will be offered and will include callus reduction, paraffin hydrating treatment, salt scrub nd more.

Massage & Body

Gemelli Spa will offered tranquil atmosphere where we will pamper our guest with the benefits of massage, facial,  wax, dry sauna, halotherapy, aromatherapy, and  more

Facials & Waxing

Our Spa facial treatments  are direct to different types of skin. They all address  varying skin concerns using an array of methods to do so.

Infrared Sauna & Halotherapy

The infrared therapy heats your body directly instead of a traditional sauna where the room is 80% hotter. Your body core is heated by absorbing….

Frequently Asked Questions